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Eminence provides home repair service, installation and troubleshooting to residential heating and air conditioning systems.

Residential Service Plan

Eminence provides a preventive maintenance program that will eliminate certain service calls for your air conditioning and heating system. Here is a list of item that Eminence provides for our Preventive Residential Maintenance Programs.


Residential Properties Only

Preventive Maintenance
Inspection Service

  • Inspect Evaporator Coil (clean if necessary)
  • Flush Condensate Pan and Drain Line, Install Algae prevention tablets
  • Test Condensate Pump and clean tank (if Necessary)
  • Clean Condenser Coil (EPA recommend coil solution)
  • Monitor Refrigerate Press ( record readings)
  • Check for Refrigerate Leak (repair minor leaks)
  • Check Compressor and Electrical Connection (record motor amperage)
  • Check Condenser Fan Motor and Capacitors (record amperage)
  • Check Thermostat
  • Check and Tighten all Electrical Connection
  • Change Filter
  • Inspect Blower Motor (vacuum dust)
  • Inspect and Tighten all Electrical Connections
  • Clean and Inspect Heat Exchanger
  • Clean Burner Assemble
  • Inspect Gas Valve (check for leaks)
  • Measure Temperature Differences
  • Evaluate all Safety Controls
  • Check Induce Fan Motor


Contractual agreements often are purchased as a result of an initial service call. This preventive maintenance program identifies what benefits the owner will receive from this type of service. Included in the benefits are.


Included in the benefits are.

  • Cooling and Heating costs reduced by $200.00 annually
  • Efficiency of units improved by 21%
  • Added life expectancy 5 years


Eminence provides a preventive maintenance program that will eliminate certain service calls of your air conditioning and heating system. Although, certain circumstances like the age of a unit or the lack of a preventive maintenance program, we cannot assure 100% that your unit will not fail, however we will guaranteed that our program will provide you with a thorough and honest evaluation of your A/C and Heating Equipment.


The preventive maintenance program will also provide an inspection report and a breakdown of procedures that were follow, and points to be checked by the technician. Any major concerns that were detected by the technician will be noted and reviewed with our clients.

Residential Service Plan



One of the Great benefits for having a Preventive Residential Maintenance Contract with Eminence HVAC Services is additional savings on troubleshooting and service repairs. There is no Travel fee, and 10% discount on all parts over $50.00 dollars


Eminence Rates:

  • Rate: $190.00 per unit semi annually (unit’s 1-5 tonnage)


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