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Eminence provides home repair service, installation and troubleshooting to residential heating and air conditioning systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Here are some questions that our clients and customers have asked.



What are Eminence MBS hours?

24/7 Client Service (Emergency Hours)

Normal Operating Office Hours is 6:00am until 6:00pm



Can I schedule an appointment?

Yes, appointments can be made by phone, email, or contact form on web site.



I have been adding freon to my a/c unit every summer, is this normal?

No, whenever feron is added to an a/c unit, the unit should be check for leaks, and the leaks must be repaired before adding feron. If no leak was repaired you will be adding more feron in the future and this can get expensive.



My a/c unit has ice on the pipes and it's not cooling, what can I do?

If ice builds up on the unit, you need to have an license a/c mechanic troubleshoot the a/c unit, there can be several causes, however one simple check is to look at your filter that is located on the return duct on your furnace.



Having annual service to my a/c unit, is this important and why?

Yes, Proper preventive maintenance to your a/c unit will detect minor problems before they become major problems, also it will reduce energy cost, and adds years of life to the a/c unite.


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Why Choose Us?

The quality of Eminence is the extraordinarily talented workforce. We more >

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The quality of Eminence is the extraordinarily talented workforce. We more >

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